Driver Privacy Statement

Terms & Conditions Driver

Here is both the parties are agreed on all the conditions as under:-

  • The driver will be recruited on your requirement.
  • CLIENT can replace the driver in case CLIENT not satisfied with his service, Jingle Cabs will replace another driver in his place at no extra charges.
  • In case driver is on leave, then substitute will be arranged by Jingle Cabs on discounted rates.
  • Jingle Cabs reserves the right to changes in these terms and conditions at any time on mutual agreement, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of these Membership terms. but after the tenure of this agreement period of 3, 6, 12 Months.
  • Jingle Cabs strictly recommend NOT to leave any cash, valuables, precious items like laptops, mobiles wallets handbags, luggage etc in the vehicle and/or in possession of the drivers.
  • Jingle Cabs accept payments ONLY in Cheque In Case of non-payment of salary to driver Company may take legal action.
  • CLIENT should not pay any extra amount to Driver If CLIENT send Any Single Rs. to Driver then CLIENT are responsible for that not to Jingle Cabs. Driver is doing his duty which is related to driving not to others work like shopping, Sweeping, Cooking, etc.
  • In case of a Cheque return, penalty charges will apply as per rules.
  • All fees, payments, dues, charges, billing must clear between 25th to end of the month. Or else, late payment charges will apply accordingly.
  • Jingle Cabs or its management do not hold any responsibility for loss and/or damage of vehicle and/or its occupants life including theft sabotage kidnapping etc.
  • In a case of Membership cancellation or discontinue during the tenure of this agreement it can be done after resolving all pending dues. CLIENT should inform prior 15 days. And for that cancellation charge will be applicable of Rs.699.
  • If agreement breach from CLIENT/Jingle Cabs side than Jingle Cabs will refund CLIENT service charge after deducting usable services in a month, or remaining amount (as per agreement period on monthly basis) will refundable, not whole amount/fees.
  • CLIENT should engage Jingle Cabs services ONLY if the vehicle is covered under comprehensive insurance through a credible motor vehicle insurer in India as Jingle Cabs would not be a party, convict or witness to any legal proceedings held by any court of law due to such incidents, loss or thefts.
  • Jingle Cabs is not responsible in case of any incidents if CLIENT hire a driver directly without office intimation.
  • Please note, all Cheque payments are requested to stay funded as per date, in case of a Cheque return, penalty charges can apply.
  • Please do not support, insist and/or encourage the driver to drive the vehicle under any influence of alcohol, drugs etc. as the responsibility of doing so is totally borne by you and not Jingle Cabs and its driver.
  • Salary will be paid by CLIENT directly to the driver, and if CLIENT wants to pay drivers salary through our Company Jingle Cabs then 15% Service Tax will be applicable on salary amount.
  • The Driver Service Recruitment Fees/Service Charge is as per the selected membership plan.

Note :-

You may always Increase your membership by paying a nominal fee so that you are always with a driver to serve you. screening and recruiting drive for you is taken care of by us in case the driver leaves the job.